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Welcome to my cozy little Pre-Raphaelite site. Have a look around, enjoy the images, and offer suggestions. If you want to know why I created this site, go to my disclaimer.

This site is dedicated to my desire and inspiration, Jennifer Lee.


08.13.01 - The Athenaeum is up. - We've been doing a lot of work over at We're just starting to move over a lot of the images from this site. Within a couple of weeks, however, most of the content from this site will also be available at, with a lot more advanced ways to look at the information. Take a look!

07.12.01 - NEW WEB SITE COMING SOON! - You've undoubtedly noticed that this site hasn't been updated in a while. There's a reason for that. Our vision, of a complex, interlinked "virtual encyclopedia" for the humanities, is too much work to be manually maintained by a couple of people. I've always wanted to put in a database, to allow pages to be created dynamically, and to allow user input. The last couple of months have been dedicated to learning more about the options, and some experimenting. The new web site will be located at We bought hosting and the domain name two days ago. A default page should be available by the end of the week.

It'll be a while before we have the content from this site transferred; in the mean time, this site will be left up. But we are very excited about the possibilities - I really think that this will be a humanities resource unlike any other. Check out the new site in a couple of days, offer your opinions, and share it with friends. It should be a fun ride.

- Chris McCormick (

04.02.01 - I know, I know. It's been busy at work. Tomorrow I'll have a page up for Frederick Lord Leighton, as well as some stuff for William Morris.

03.22.01 - Added a guest ledger ("guestbook"). Please notice that it goes offsite and has banner ads. If you know of a CGI solution that I could install onsite, we'd love to replace this, but it'll do for now.

03.21.01 - Added a page and 19 images for Ford Madox Brown. Also, we now have an archived news page.

03.19.01 - Added a page and 3 images for Thomas Woolner. Added a Woolner portrait by Gabriel Rossetti.

03.15.01 - Added a page and 2 images for Frederick George Stephens .

03.14.01 - Added a page and 66 images for John William Godward. Added 9 images for Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Redesigned the entry page.

03.12.01 - 18 new images by John Everett Millais.

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 Notes: The image used in the banner is "Kelmscott Manor," 1905 by Marie Spartali Stillman.
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