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A disclaimer.

The web is rife with sites about the Pre-Raphaelites. Why add one more to the list? Look through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below, and perhaps it will make sense.

Who are you? - I am Chris McCormick. I'm a twenty-something computer programmer by trade, an artist at heart.

Are you an expert on the Pre-Raphaelites? - Nope. I know very little about them at present. That is changing, however.

Why create a web site about something you don't know well? - Simple. To learn. To learn, and as a gift for the love of my life, Jen. She asked, for this Christmas, that I give her something I made myself. This is the start of that. I hope to continue with it.

Why should I spend time looking at your site instead of insert site here? - There are doubtless other very good sites out there. In fact, I will glean what I can from them and take it into account when creating this site. Most sites seem to come up short, however, when it comes to their depth. For instance, every single site tells the same story of Robert Buchanan's essay attacking the PRB, "The Fleshly School of Poetry," and D.G. Rossetti's rejoinder essay, "the Stealthy School of Criticism," but I can't find the text for either of them on the web. I also can't find (in close proximity to the poems and paintings themselves) source material for the works which come from classical mythology. It is a long process, but I hope to gather in a single place what heretofore has been scattered across the web.

Are there going to be message boards/screensavers/wallpaper/Pre-Raphaelite lunchboxes/other fun stuff? - Probably not. I'm interested in the history, which is so voluminous as to take an inordinate amount of time on its own. I'd also like this site to be pretty much maintenance free. If you have a good, stable link to that kind of stuff, let me know.

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