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Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882)

Dante Gabriel Rossetti (who went by "Gabriel") was one of the original members of the PRB, a talent in both visual arts and as a poet, and by all accounts the charismatic moving force behind the group. He designated women like Elizabeth Siddal and Jane Morris as "stunners," defining for the Preraphaelites and many painters after the standard of female beauty. The tragic story of his romance with Siddal, her suicide by laudanum overdose, and his attempts to deal with her death, is one of the most interesting tales in art history.

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Images of the Rossetti
Photo by Lewis Carroll (1863)
Self portrait (1847)
Self portrait (1855)
Self portrait (1861)
Self portrait (1870)

Sudden Light - 1863
The Woodspurge - 1870
Sister Helen - 1881
The Stream's Secret - 1881

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