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Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal (1829-1862)

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Siddal was the living, breathing epitome of the Pre-Raphaelite woman. With her sensuous full lips, heavy-lidded eyes, and above all her incredible waist-length auburn hair, she could only be described as a "stunner".

She was discovered by Walter Deverell in a milliner's shop in 1850. At the time he was searching for a model for Voila in his painting Twelfth Night. Later he told William Holman Hunt, ‘By Jove! she’s like a queen, magnificently tall, with a lovely figure, a stately neck, and a face of the most delicate modelling; the flow of surface from the temples over the cheek is exactly like the carving of a Pheidean goddess. Wait a minute! I haven’t done; she has grey eyes, and her hair is like dazzling copper, and shimmers with lustre as she waves it down. And now, where do you think I lighted on this paragon of beauty? Why, in a milliner’s back workroom where I went out with my mother shopping. Having nothing to amuse me, while the woman was tempting my mother with something, I peered over the blind of a glass door at the back of the shop, and there was this unexpected jewel.’

Art by date
Clara Siddal(?) (----)
Eve of Saint Agnes (----)
The Holy Family (----)
Macbeth (----)
Self Portrait, seated (----)
The Lady of Shalott
Self Portrait (1853-54)
Lovers Listening to Music
Pippa Passes
Sister Helen
The Quest of the Holy Grail (a.k.a. 'Sir Galahad at the Shrine of the Holy Grail') (1855-57)
The Ladies' Lament from the Ballad of Sir Patrick Spens
Clerk Saunders
Lady Claire
Before the Battle

A Silent Wood
A Year and a Day
At Last
Dead Love
Early Death
Fragment of a Ballad
Lord May I Come?
Love and Hate
The Lust of the Eyes
The Passing of Love
Shepherd Turned Sailor
True Love
Untitled Fragments
Worn Out

Drawings/photos of Lizzie
Self portrait
Self portrait, seated
Date unknown - D.G. Rossetti
1854 - D.G. Rossetti
1855 - D.G. Rossetti
1850-1865 - D.G.Rossetti

Paintings for which Lizzie modeled

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