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The Passing of Love
Elizabeth Siddal

1      O God, forgive me that I ranged
2       My live into a dream of love!
3     Will tears of anguish never wash
4        The passion from my blood?

5   Love kept my heart in a song of joy,
6      My pulses quivered to the tune;
7     The coldest blasts of winter blew
8     Upon me like sweet airs in June.

9     Love floated on the mists of morn
10     And rested on the sunsetís rays;
11   He calmed the thunder of the storm
12        And lighted all my ways.

13   Love held me joyful through the day
14   And dreaming ever through the night;
15     No evil thing could come to me,
16         My spirit was so light.

17     O Heaven help my foolish heart
18    Which heeded not the passing time
19   That dragged my idol from its place
20      And shattered all its shrine

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