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Lord May I Come?
Elizabeth Siddal

1        Life and night are falling from me,
2          Death and day are opening on me,
3         Wherever my footsteps come and go,
4             Life is a stony way of woe.
5              Lord, have I long to go?

6           Hallow hearts are ever near me,
7       Soulless eyes have ceased to cheer me:
8              Lord may I come to thee?

9          Life and youth and summer weather
10          To my heart no joy can gather.
11       Lord, lift me from life’s stony way!
12   Loved eyes long closed in death watch for me:
13          Holy death is waiting for me – 
14             Lord, may I come to-day?

15        My outward life feels sad and still
16           Like lilies in a frozen rill;
17          I am gazing upwards to the sun,
18       Lord, Lord, remembering my lost one.
19               O Lord, remember me!

20          How is it in the unknown land?
21         Do the dead wander hand in hand?
22            God, give me trust in thee.

23         Do we clasp dead hands and quiver
24           With an endless joy for ever?
25        Do tall white angels gaze and wend
26        Along the banks where lilies bend?
27        Lord, we know not how this may be:
28       Good Lord we put our faith in thee – 
29                O God, remember me.

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