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Fragment of a Ballad
Elizabeth Siddal

1         Many a mile over land and sea
2 	     Unsummoned my love returned to me;
3 	      I remember not the words he said
4 	    But only the trees moaning overhead.
5	     And he came ready to take and bear
6	  The cross I had carried for many a year,
7 	      But words came slowly one by one
8 	    From frozen lips shut still and dumb.
9 	   How sounded my words so still and slow
10 	 To the great strong heart that loved me so,
11	   Who came to save me from pain and wrong
12	 And to comfort me with his love so strong?
13	    I felt the wind strike chill and cold
14	 And vapours rise from the red-brown mould;
15	    I felt the spell that held my breath
16	     Bending me down to a living death.

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