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William Holman Hunt (1827-1910)

Works by date
F. G. Stephens (1847)
The Eve of St. Agnes (1848)
The Haunted Manor (1849)
Cornfield at Ewell (1849)
Claudio and Isabella (1850-53)
The Hireling Shepherd (1851)
Valentine rescuing Sylvia from Proteus (1851)
Our English Coasts ("Strayed Sheep") (1852)
The Awakening Conscience (1853)
The Light of the World (1853)
The Lantern Maker's Courtship: a Street Scene in Cairo (1854)
The Scapegoat (1854-55)
The Finding of the Saviour in the Temple (1854-1860)
The School Girl's Hymn (1859)
The Afterglow in Egypt (1861)
London Bridge on the Night of the Marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales (1863-66)
Il Dolce Far Niente (1866)
Isabella and the Pot of Basil (1867)
Bianca (1868-9)
The Shadow of Death (1870-73)
The Ship (1875)
The Triumph of the Innocents (1880-84)
Amaryllis or "The Shepherdess" (1884)
The Lady of Shalott (1886-1905)
May Morning on Magdalen Tower (1890)

Portrait of W. H. Hunt from the National Portrait Gallery, London. Please don't sue me. :-)

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